ProFilco - filtration and separation technology

ProFilco is an internationally operating company specializing in the fields of liquid- and solid separation systems as well as oil water separation. We design, build and install completely automated (modular) systems according to customers’ specifications.


ProFilco offers separation solutions tailored
to your needs.

ProFilco modular systems are compact and require minimal installation time.

ProFilco offers the latest technology with PTFE Tefflux Membranes.


With our extensive experience and all-inclusive approach we offer a wide range of separation equipment for nearly all industries and applications.

ProFilco provides a full line of filtration and separation systems including:

ProFilco introduces affordable filtration with unique porous PTFE Tefflux membranes

ProFilco uses PTFE Tefflux membrane technology for our candle type filters, which is one of the most economical systems for obtaining a sparkling clear filtrate without pre-coating the filter candles.

Membrane Candle Filters

The key benefits of our PTFE Tefflux membrane technology are:

  • No pre-coat required
  • Reduces waste disposal cost
  • Simplified automation
  • Maximum product clarity
  • Minimal operating & maintenance costs

Additionally unlike other membrane filter socks for these types of filter systems, ProFilco’s Tefflux filter socks are created from a monolithic, seamless porous PTFE tube

Advantages of using a monolithic, seamless porous PTFE tube are:

  • No seams, stitches, or tape that could develop leaks
  • A durable surface due to a thick PTFE structure
  • Increased mechanical strength
  • Reduced risk of developing pinholes