Replacement of existing PTFE Membrane Socks

ProFilco offers replacements of existing standard PTFE filter socks.
Also, we offer rebuilding of existing filter candles for PTFE membrane backwash filters.

For existing installations where standard candles are installed with PTFE mebranes, ProFilco has developed a rebuilding program. With certain type of filter candles, the mebranes are attached with metallic clamps.
In order to achieve the same advantages as the ProFilco non metallic candle provides, we can modify the existing candles by installing end caps with the ProFilco clamping system whilst maintaining most of the original candle design. To improve the performance of the candle, additional holes can be drilled in the core to provide additional drainage area and reduce lateral flow.
Advantages of this solution:

  • The expensive inner structure of the candle is maintained
  • Simple and effective membrane installation
  • No metallic clamps are used
  • No sharp edges, no damage of membranes during installation in the tube sheet.