Filter presses

ProFilco BV offers smart, innovative filter presses.

Filter presses, as most people know them, are not very popular amongst process engineers and operators. They often leak and smell and are dirty. The discharge of the filtered cake is a tedious and labor intensive job. But that is not the way it has to be.

The ProFilco filter presses make a big difference. The gasketed design of the ProFilco filter presses with their closed filtrate discharge ensures a clean environment and hygienic operation; the press will not leak.
The customized discharge manifold allows many functions, e.g. air blow down, turbid and clear filtrate line, cloth washing or filter cake washing.
The “Dialog” touch screen control system controls the complete operational sequence, like opening and closing of the filter plates, the hydraulics, the feed pumps and feeding pressure, it performs safety checks prior to and during each step of the operating cycle. The operator screen provides all information about the status of the operation.

ProFilco filter presses are available in fully automatic as well as semi-automatic versions .

The AF automatic filter continuously produces and discharges filter cake in a 24 hour operation without the attendance of operators. The AF filter machine has very high availability and low downtimes, continuously processing slurries without being supervised. When using the fully automatic filter press, the highest security in operation is guaranteed.
Beside the reduced cost of operation, the capital investment is usually in the same range as a conventional recessed- or membrane (diaphragm) filter press. Due to higher output per available square meter of filtration area, a smaller size filter can be installed

The semi-automatic BC filter presses offers the operator many features to make work easier. The semi-automatic plate shifter enables the operator to comfortably shift the filter plates when discharging the filter cake.

ProFilco advises the use of these filter presses for recovery of the brine from the sludge, and to discharge a filter cake with the highest dry solid content. For this purpose, ProFilco offers high quality filter presses.
The ProFilco filter presses are designed and built by Aquachem in Germany. ProFilco ensures that they are specially adapted to comply with chloralkali requirements. The materials used ensure the best filtration result and optimal equipment lifetime.

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