Lamella separators for special applications

ProFilco designs its lamella separators for solids removal in highly corrosive liquids and other challenging applications.

Lamella separators are cost effective and space saving solutions compared to standard clarifiers. ProFilco offers custom designed lamella separators, to meet the specific requirements of each operation. These separators, their steel construction as well as the lamellas, are mechanically and chemically resistant and built to perform over decades with the lowest cost of operation.

Advantages of ProFilco’s Lamella Separators:

  • Design dedicated to meet special conditions
  • Space saving:
    reduction of over 85 % compared to conventional sedimentation basins:
  • Reduced installation time
  • Low operation cost
  • Simple sludge discharge

ProFilco lamella separators are modular and pre-assembled in order to ensure the shortest on-site assembly time.