ProFilco is an internationally operating company specializing in the fields of liquid- and solid separation systems. We design, build and install completely automated (modular) systems according to customers’ specifications.

A young company based on vast experience

Profilco BV was founded in 2013. ProFilco has since developed interesting solutions for equipment, systems and components, based on the extensive experience of its initiators in filtration and separation in various industries.

ProFilco designs and engineers its filtration equipment in house. We work with carefully selected suppliers to ensure that only the best suitable components are used, and delivered in time and at the right price. All systems are pre-assembled and tested before they are divided in transportable units. This is how we ensure that assembly on site can be realized as quickly as possible.

ProFilco’s know how is based on many years of experience with filtration in various fields of industry, both in Europe as well as in the USA. We combine this with the most modern technology for which we can rely on our international partners and with that we are able to choose the best of both worlds.

ProFilco provides a full line of filtration and separation systems including candle filters, filter presses and ion exchangers. With our all-inclusive service program and extensive experience we offer the most efficient and economical filtration and separation systems for nearly all applications and industries, including :

  • Chemical
  • Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical & Petroleum
  • Mining & Metallurgical
  • Oil & Natural Gas Industries

Our automated compact modular brine filter systems and brine softeners are completely pre-assembled. After pre-assembly, the system is broken down into shippable sizes before packing into containers for shipment to any global location. Upon arrival on site, ProFilco modular systems require minimal installation time.